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Once Sculpture on a single base - $99
Two Sculptures on a single base - $189
Three Sculptures on a single base - $279

Enter your pet's name. If you're purchasing a two or three sculpture base, seperate each pet with a comma in each field. For example: Pet's Name: Fido, Fluffy - Pet's Age: 4, 2 - Pet's Breed: Doberman, Persian
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Plain Collar - $0
Name Collar - $0
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Spiked Collar - $10
Custom Collar - $10
Custom Bandana - $10

Custom collar or bandana description:

Additional Items:

Toy - $10
Bowl - $10
Brass Name Plate - $10

Name to be printed on additional item (optional):

Please tell us any characteristics of your pet that you would like us to consider during the sculpting process, or include additional instructions or notes (we will contact you before we begin your sculpture):

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