"She is truly magnificent. The detail, the color, her tail,
her paw, everything about her was just
exquisite. I cried and my husband cried. He was blown away. He just held it and marveled at
how beautiful his baby girl is. It is a true masterpiece
and I cannot thank you enough for
bringing her back to us so beautifully".
- Robin F.

"Thank you so much. I actually started crying when I saw it.
It looks exactly like my beautiful boy. Excellent Work!!
Thank you"
- Donna B..

"Ward captured the very essence of our Beloved Teddy in his sculpture. Our sweet boy passed away in May 2015 and my husband had Ward create the sculpture as an anniversary gift for me. Now I can look at my Teddy and remember the joy he brought into our lives every day when he was with us. Thank You, Ward, for the work you did to create such a lovely reminder of our fur baby."

Best Regards,
Judy Tarasek and Scott Adelstein

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