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Congratulations! Simply complete and send this form to us and your artist, Ward Morgan, will contact you and begin the custom sculpture of your pet. Each sculpture is created individually based on your photos and description of personality traits, etc. We will contact you throughout the entire process for your approval and input. It will take two/three weeks to complete your sculpture and have it delivered to you.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your sculpture you may return it with your exact descriptions of what changes you would like made and your sculpture will be re-done according to your wishes.

Your sculpture will be approximately 6"x 4” depending on the pose you select and mounted on a finished
7"x 5” wooden base with a felt bottom and signed by the artist.

We offer two main options for your pet sculpture: one sculpture on a single base or two sculpture's on a large single base. There are additional options listed below, if you wish to add them.

One sculpture on a single base - $99.00
Two sculptures on a large single base - $189.00

Shipping and Handling: We ship UPS Ground and go to extreme care in our packaging. There is a $10.95 charge for shipping anywhere in the US. Your order will be shipped directly to you. If you require international shipping, we will contact you regarding charges.

Sales Tax and Payment Options: 6% sales tax required to ship to state of Maryland. We accept Paypal, personal checks and money orders, payable to MorganArts.

Specialty Orders: Your artist, Ward Morgan, can do any type of specialty orders. Contact him with any requests you may have.


Customize Your Order

What we need from you:

Photos: Provide us with as many photos of your pet as you would like. Primary photos should be marked as the pose you wish to be sculpted. Other photos may be taken from other angles, close-ups of face, facial expressions or particular markings or any photo that you feel portrays the personality of your pet. It is best to send photographs by e-mail, but any original photographs received will be returned with your completed sculpture.

Breed or Breed Mix:

Your Pet's Age:

Special Traits or Behaviors: If there are any unusual traits or behaviors you would like us to capture in your sculpture, please give us a description.

Collars: A standard collar, with or without your pets name on it is included at no charge as an option.
Please check your choice.

Plain Collar
Name Collar
Spiked Collar ($10.00 additional)
Custom Collar ($10.00 additional, send photo or description)
Custom Bandana ($10.00 additional, send photo or description)
Other: Give brief description below and we will contact you. We can do any custom work you desire.


Toys/Bowls: If you would like a special toy(s), or bowl included with your pet sculpture, either in your pets mouth or laying next to your pet, please send a photo or detailed description of the toy/bowl. Names may be put on toys/bowls. There is an additional charge of $10.00 per toy/bowl If the toy is particularly intricate, there may be an additional charge and we will contact you. Please check below.

Yes, I wish to add a toy/bowl. ($10.00 additional, send photo or description)

Sweater ($10.00 additional, send photo or description)

Brass Name Plaque: We can put a brass name plaque on your base for an additional charge of $10.00. It can be inscribed with one or two lines. If would like this option, supply the information below:

Where did you hear about us?

Upload Your Images

You will be given a link to upload your images after your purchase is complete, or you can upload them now.


Continue Your Order

Choose your sculpture type and quantity below and click the Click Here To Buy button. You will then be taken to the cart to complete your purchase.

One sculpture on a single base
Two sculptures on a large single base

How many of this sculpture would you like (quantity)?



You can send photos of your pets via the methods above, or send them by USPS priority mail to:


Phone: 443.974.8410

E-Mail: ward@custompetsculpture.com

We gladly accept

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